For abstracts submitted before March 31, 2023, there are three presentation formats to select from :

Oral Presentation for Short Talk

Eligible for faculty and research associate only. Abstracts will be selected by Session Organizers or Scientific Committee to choose the Session short talk speakers. Talks are 10 minutes + 2 minutes Q&A.

Trainee Presentation Awards  

Eligible for postdoc, research associate, and graduate student only. Abstracts will be selected by Scientific Committee to choose 8 finalists to present in the “Trainees Talks for Awards” session. Talks are 10 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A. The following awards will be given:

Trainees Talks for Awards

Gold medal award (1)
scholarship USD500
Silver medal award (1)
scholarship USD300
Bronze medal award (1)
scholarship USD200
Judges' award (5)
scholarship USD100

Distinguished Poster Awards 

All participants who submit abstracts are eligible to compete for the " Distinguished Poster Awards." Distinguished Poster Awards will primarily be evaluated based on the content of the poster. It is crucial to ensure that your poster effectively communicates your research and findings. Please be aware that the evaluation committee may not have an opportunity to ask questions during your scheduled presentation time. Therefore, it is essential to present your work in a clear and concise manner, providing all necessary information within the poster itself. The Outstanding Poster Award will be presented to the top 10 contributors, with a prize of US$100 each. 

The award ceremony will take place before the closing ceremony of the conference on-site (July 20, 2023, 11:00~, R401). The “Trainee Presentation Awards” and “Distinguished Poster Awards” will be presented by announcing the names of the recipients. The winners must come on stage to receive their awards. If a winner is not present, it will be considered an automatic forfeiture, and no additional prize money or certificates will be issued.

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